Whenever we are asked about how we plan our days and weeks, everyone strongly replies that they plan out their week and have an apparent structure in place that will provide the most amount of benefit to themselves. However, the reality is quite the opposite.

If you take a good hard look at exactly what you call ‘planning’ and what you have actually accurately and carefully planned for your success, it is often far from what you need to be doing, and should be doing, to ensure the most productive and effective use of your time.

When we are being completely honest with ourselves we can often look at the word planning and the lie that we tell ourselves that we have planned everything out, to simply be that you have thought about several things that you need to get done and you mentally advise your own head that you will get it done by a particular time.  But in most cases, the large majority of ‘planning’ is rarely written down and it is almost never allocated into a structured time frame on your diary.  Very rarely, if ever, do I see a level of accountability put in place to ensure these necessary tasks gets completed.

Broken Clock

I am a very big support of having a default diary. And not just a ‘to-do list’ nor a ‘this is what I did last week diary’ but an actual structured allocated plan of the most important tasks that need to be done with allocated times onto your diary. It is only this structure that ensures you appropriately allocate time for the crucial aspects of your business that are often neglected or rushed.    Being completely transparent, when was the last time you accurately allocated time to develop your marketing plan? Specifically visited three of your targeted doctors? Spent time better designing systems

and further automation for your business? Regularly set and completed personal development time frames? These are but just a few prime examples of essential tasks that we, as Allied Business Health owners, regularly neglect and tend to only complete at the last minute or when we absolutely have no other choice but to do so.

The only way to start the transition towards your future business success in the health industry is to ensure that you have a set, structured, default diary in place with all the critical and essential tasks categorically logged for completion.  There is always going to be small degrees of change each week, but the vast majority of the overall structure will remain very similar and will allow a consistent and dedicated focus on the most essential tasks you need to move forward in your career.

now or later

Ensure you have a structured default diary in place and allocate the appropriate planned time for those tasks to be completed. Don’t leave it up to chance and don’t leave a few moments of random thought convince you that you do actually plan your days and weeks. Otherwise, you are literally allocating time to gap-filling tasks that aren’t the most critical for your success.

Spend the time getting this right and the outcome will be spectacular for you. The other option is to continue along the lie we currently lead, convincing ourselves that we plan our time when we really only ever let ourselves down.

Be accountable and take full ownership of your time and get your planning right and the massive results will come.