The Referrer Meeting Framework

The Referrer Meeting Framework

G’day guys, Jason Pilgrim here, founder of The Profitable Practice and CEO of the Global Kaizen Group. I just had to step outside for some fresh air, actually. I feel a little bit jet lagged, just flew in from doing some international business and presenting so, apologies if I look terrible today. I just finished […]

The Quick & Easy Way To Write Systems That Everyone Follows

G’day, guys. Hope you’re well and having a fantastic afternoon. I’ve just been investing a huge amounts of time into a client of ours who’s looking to really scale up and we’re in the process of adding two more clinics to their current clinic to make three. As a net result we’re doing huge amount […]

The 4 Reasons Why People Don’t Buy From You

 G’day, guys. Hope you’re really well. I’m just here in one of my offices and I’ve just finished a really awesome webinar that I’ve just done with ESSA They wanted to do a whole bunch of different podcasts and I’m more than happy to do that and help out as I love working with […]

The Reason Why Health Professionals Have Their Marketing All Wrong

 G’day, guys. I hope you’re having a fantastic afternoon. I just actually finished up with a new client of mine and love doing game plan sessions with all of our new clients. It brought up a really interesting point about the marketing strategy that he’s currently using and it really resonated with a lot […]

The three P’s that drive your health business to the next level

Your health business is no different to that of an iceberg. Whilst on the surface maybe beautiful, clear and pristine, the true reality of what happens below the surface is never really evident. However, by following the three P’s below, your health business will drive to the next level in a sustainable and scalable fashion. […]

The number 1 reason why most managers fail

When you ask most managers about the job that they complete and how they feel about the outcomes they achieve, the vast majority feel that they are excellent managers and well-suited to their position. The reality is however, the compass is often more heavily pointing towards them not doing a good enough job than pointing […]

3 Ways to Grow Your Business By Focusing on the Customer

Every business in this generation is subject to a very new, exciting and extremely challenging environment, and like with many challenges, it is sometimes easier to just roll over and sink. Sadly enough, many companies are even getting to the point where simply surviving has become their daily mode of operation; I like to call […]