G’day guys, Jason Pilgrim here, founder of The Profitable Practice and CEO of the Global Kaizen Group.

I just had to step outside for some fresh air, actually. I feel a little bit jet lagged, just flew in from doing some international business and presenting so, apologies if I look terrible today.

I just finished chatting with a new client about and I thought I’d provide some value for you guys moving forward as well.

One of her biggest challenges was actually being able to turn on the tap for new referrers, specifically with a lot of the doctors visits she does. And having that relationship is really critical for any Allied Health Business moving forward.

And she was hating the fact, as we all do, of having to buy lunch, you know, going and feeling like a sales exec or feel dirty from selling. The doctors aren’t really paying attention. It basically becomes a waste of time, right? And we all hate doing them.

And so, I was talking her through my four-step framework. It’s called The Referrer Meeting Framework.

And so I was explaining it to her how simple it is and completely change around the context of it’s not about taking referral pads in, it’s not about taking business cards, in. You certainly do not do lunch time meetings with taking in lunch and stuff like that.

I’ve worked with some amazing Allied Health Professionals. We’ve worked this framework as one of many frameworks and models that we have with some amazing leading Allied Health Professionals here in Australia.

We have developed a four-step framework several years ago now that we work on the Referrer Meeting Framework. Four simple steps.

It’s backed by science on the biology of the brain, of how the brain actually makes purchasing decisions and referral-based decisions, so it’s not about having to talk about what you do and sell yourself and that type of stuff which makes us feel dirty. And they don’t listen, right?

In fact, two weeks ago, I had another client of mine, a new client of mine tell me that she actually had a medical centre give her a list of three restaurants.

So not only did she have to provide lunch, but she had to buy lunch from one of those three restaurants to be able to turn up to that meeting. That’s like absolutely ludicrous, guys.

Don’t do it, please.

Please use my four-step framework for the Referrer Meeting Framework. Part of the Kaizen Tribe which is some of the amazing Allied Health Professionals we work with, we have a bot with the tribe and his name is Little Chief.

So all you need to do is pop in the word FRAMEWORK right in below, Little Chief will actually get to work straight away and he will send you a copy of that four-step framework FREE from me to you.

No scams, no gimmicks, more than happy for you guys ’cause I’m sick of us working too hard in the Allied Health industry on relationships with different organisations, sporting teams, doctors, etc, to feel downgraded, to have to buy lunches and do all that type of silly stuff that doesn’t work.

So instead, I would rather give you my four-step framework so you can actually get that benefit as well. So guys, all you need to do, pop in the word FRAMEWORK below here. Little bot will do his thing and you guys will get the benefit from it moving forward.

I hope you guys love it as much as all my clients do and look forward to helping you out again very, very soon.

Cheers, guys.