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Be Empowered by Australia’s Most Awarded Allied Health Professional and ensure
you can build the company you desire and live the lifestyle you want.

The Profitable Practice team has received an amazing five international business awards as well as other national accolades by some of the world’s best business minds. This is testament to the amazing models and proven systems of The Profitable Practice team have, that many of Australia’s leading Allied Health professionals are now using.

Who is the Profitable Practice?

The Profitable Practice team has been the health industry’s leading authority on Allied Health business development for many years. The team has been practitioners themselves for many years, working in the trenches and knowing firsthand exactly what it takes to run and build very successful health businesses.

The Profitable Practice was founded by Jason Pilgrim who is Australia’s #1 authority on Allied Health business development, winner of many national and international business awards and still runs several Allied Health businesses around Australia as well as several other large overseas ventures. The extensive years of business acumen combined with time proven models, business blueprints, signature systems and much more, have become some of the most sought after documents and information for business owners in the Allied Health industry of Australia.


We take all of the secrets and proven models and strategies for sustained and significant business growth in the Allied Health industry and provide practice owners the ability to simply implement to grow and build their own company.

We work from startup sole traders, to small and medium sized clinics, multi-site clinics and even multi-million dollar health clinics. We take our signature systems such as our internationally awarded Business Blueprint™, Patient Pathway™, The Financial Mastery Formula™ and other internationally awarded business success strategies and systems and provide them for direct implementation into the practitioner’s health business.

Everything we do is backed by 100% money back guarantee. We are so confident in our products that we can comfortably offer that to all of our clients and it is something that no other health business product or service can guarantee for their own products and services .


We believe we have the skills and direct avenues to empower and inspire greater lifestyle abundance for all health professionals. As practitioners ourselves, we know we have the avenue to changes the lives of literally millions of people and have a worldwide impact that very few other industries do. Our vision is to achieve the positive influence of 20 million lives by the year 2025.

Rebecca Hallam

Owner – Life in Action

ESSA Victoria Chairperson

Jason’s passion for Allied Health and Exercise Physiology in particular is matched by his passion for business growth and development. He is incredibly generous in sharing his time and his knowledge to further the industry that he is so dedicated to.

Further, he really does live by the values that he continually instils in the minds of all who have the privilege of experiencing his ability and it is also his authenticity that allows Jason to stand out from the crowd as the number one expert leading the Allied Health forward.

Andrew Daubney

Owner & Director

Rebound Health

The Global Kaizen Group insights into the Allied Health Industry have been paramount to the sustained growth and innovation of my company. Whenever handed an issue, cool heads and clear direction always prevail. I look forward to more and bigger successes in the future with mentorship and guidance from Australia’s leading health business mentor.

Craig Campbell


Health Sense Group

The Global Kaizen Group passion for enhancing the allied health industry to achieve best possible outcomes is truly inspiring and his impact on the Australian health landscape in only a few years has been amazing. This, added with his internationally award winning Business Blueprint is a certain recipe for a successful business and optimal health outcomes for the community.

Jacci Allanson


Lift Health Australia

Starting with the Global Kaizen Group has been the single most powerful step I’ve taken in creating a thriving business as an Allied Health Professional. In the short time since I became a tribe member, I have grown from a sole trader to a multidisciplinary practice and I have the tools to ensure continued growth. I couldn’t be more grateful for their amazing experience and ability.