Your health business is no different to that of an iceberg. Whilst on the surface maybe beautiful, clear and pristine, the true reality of for blogpost 1what happens below the surface is never really evident. However, by following the three P’s below, your health business will drive to the next level in a sustainable and scalable fashion.

When looking at an iceberg and comparing it to your health business, what we see above the surface can simply be termed the Productivity achieved by the business. This is the first P in the three P’s to Allied Health business success.

The second P which starts at the surface level and goes onto the water level is Priority. The lowest level at the bottom of the iceberg is the third P, Purpose.

Although I have referred to Purpose as the third P, it is actually the most important of the three and it’s where the success of your business completely lies. It is the deep, bare honest truth that drives who you are and what your business stands for. It is also often referred to as your vision and your higher purpose for why your company exists in the first place and why it is you do what you do.

Once you have a clearly defined higher purpose, you are able to clearly define and gain clarity on what your key priorities are and this is where we move to the next level of the iceberg. Without a clear and decisive purpose, you are unable to prioritise the key for blogpost 2tasks and focuses you must have your business working on. Just because you’re busy doing “things” and “stuff” (the technical language) or busy with back to back clients each day, if you honestly look at your higher purpose and long-term vision can you honestly admit that you are focusing your attention on the key priorities that will drive you towards this goal?

Once your purpose is defined and your key focuses and priorities are determined, your business is then finally moving into the third P of health business success. Productivity can only break through the surface and grow if the priorities are in line with the deeper purpose.

As with any iceberg, only approximately 10% is seen above the water so for your business to achieve greater productivity, growth and massive results, then what happens under the water must continually be growing; otherwise, further productivity and business growth cannot be achieved.

This greatest level of productivity can only be achieved when your focus remains on being true to your higher purpose and your key priorities have the majority of your attention focused on them.

So to realise your true business success, you first must understand your purpose and direct your priorities in line with this purpose to ensure you maximise the business’ ability to be productive. Only then will your business be a pristine, beautiful and awe-inspiring sight that you want it to looking at glacier