fish jumpWe often say that someone did a good job and we’re also more than happy to congratulate ourselves on doing a good job but the true reality of what we’re saying to ourselves is, “That is the most I’m comfortable with doing.”

The reality is, it is always when we stretch beyond our comfortable barriers into the sometimes unknown and uncomfortable space that we truly do the best we can.

Let’s face it. These days, anyone can do a ‘good’ job.  Everyone is able to pat themselves on the back and say that they’ve done a ‘good’ job. But is doing a ‘good’ job these days really enough??…

Are your family and friends going to really sit up and realise how far beyond the usual you’ve gone to help them? Are your customers and patients having a conversation in their own heads, or more importantly with others, about what a great job you did? With today’s levels of customer service continually increasing with businesses trying to do a better job than previously, it has become very evident that your ‘good’ is no longer good enough.good to great

If you want to achieve raving fans, a following and a tribe, then going above and beyond your current ‘good’ is absolutely imperative.

Stretch yourselves outside of your comfort zone. Make yourself uncomfortable going above and beyond because that’s where the magic lies. That’s where you can look at your effort and admit to yourself that you have not just done a good job but that you’ve done the best you can.

Wow everyone around you. Create an impression and an experience they can’t forget. Go above and beyond and lift your ‘good’ to a great level.