valentines1There are many comparisons that can be drawn between people’s ability to close a sale and the way they perform on a date.

When looking at the success of the date it is very easy for us to merely look at the overall conversion rate and make a decision on whether your dating ability is successful.  But the reality is that there are many aspects that play a part in this process.  Ensuring that several of the non-negotiables are completed very well will greatly improve your ability to close the sale, whether we are talking about business or your personal dating life.

Whether we like to believe it or not, when we go on a date it is just another form of selling. We basically are programmed every day of our lives to sell ourselves, our opinions or any other number of specs of our life. Dating is no different.

Whether on a date or trying to close a sale, your attention to a conversation is paramount to your ability to succeed. Without a fine interpretation of what is being said, body language, tone, the overall mood and other aspects of the conversation,  you are unable to know the full extent of the current situation and whether you could or should look to close a sale at that point in time. talking-to-a-woman

Paying full attention in any conversation allows you to acutely understand their needs and potentially provide the solution to their problem. Paying attention goes well beyond just listening but also enables both parties to develop a connection and it is this connection when worked upon bit by bit removes people’s hesitation and enables them to buy.

So whether you are on a date or trying to secure the sale, make sure you always pay attention, gain trust and drive their need for connection with you. It’s the building of this connection by paying attention to their needs that will enable you to close the deal and ensure your conversion rate is as high as possible.