We are always encouraged by those around us and motivated by an exorbitant amount of social interaction on a daily basis which all attempts to motivate and drive us towards keeping going, staying focused on our end goal and sticking through the hard times regardless of the short-term pain.  But the reality is in fact, totally different.


Most people quit. At something. Sometime. It’s just that they usually quit at the wrong time or more often than not, they quit the wrong stuff. The art to quitting to your advantage is something that most Allied Health business owners, get wrong.

Whenever we start something new in our Allied Health business or career, it always seems fun. We put out there a lavish idea or bounce thoughts off colleagues about something new, exciting and innovative, but unfortunately, the honeymoon period wears off, and the harsh reality of the concept known as ‘the dip’ kicks in.

The dip, as so wonderfully described by Seth Godin in his book titled, The Dip, explains how the dip occurs in every business. The dip is the difference between artificial luck and real accomplishment. The difference between the basic skills in a sport and the advanced techniques of a professional.

Those who are most successful always push harder in the dip than others who don’t succeed. They dedicate themselves more and are truly passionate in ensuring they succeed and hence, they actually do. Think of some of the great companies of modern times and the long painful dips that they have endured. The years of pain and hard work that Microsoft, Apple, Tesla and so many other leading companies endured through the dip. They know that by pushing through this dip, most of the others will drop off, stop and quit.

A woodpecker can tap on a thousand trees once and be very busy, but a woodpecker that taps 1,000 times on just the one tree will also get its dinner. It’s the focused people who stay true to their course against adversity who truly succeed.


But herein lies the problem in itself. Most people don’t bother to push through the dip. Most people quit when they’re ALREADY in the dip which is a total waste of time. If you’re NOT going to push through the dip with massive amounts of perturbation to drive out the other side, then quit now. Why spend the time and effort in the first place if you’re not going to push through…?

Think about your own Allied Health business. No doubt you have multiple income streams, various programs and services that you offer, but if you truly look at a large portion of them, you don’t give them the right amount of time and effort to have them fully succeed and instead, you are able to brag that you offer such a wide range of products and services but deep down they are certainly not the profitable strategy your business needs to grow significantly.

As I stated at the top, we always get motivated to do more, roll out another program, start a new initiative and everyone’s very supportive of us doing so majority of the time, but if you’re not going to push each of these programs and services through the dip that they are currently in, then simply stop. Simply quit them. Focus on the beneficial projects that have already survived the dip.

When comparing the dip to weight training, the parallels are very interesting. In weight training, generally speaking, you work a muscle until it’s tired and then it’s only in the last few seconds or few repetitions that the real benefit of the muscle growth is achieved. Most people don’t actually get the muscle growth they desire because they don’t like the uncertainty of instability and fatigue that comes through this process. Although they may get a small benefit along the way, the maximum benefit is only truly received at the very end. Now compare this to your products and services you’re currently offering. Are you taking each one to the nth degree? …Doing everything you can for those last few repetitions to achieve the maximum amount of growth? …Can you truly look at each of these aspects of your business and say that you’re doing this for each of them? Unfortunately for most of our industry, the answer here is no and hence why quitting so many of these can be the foundation and greatest aspect for your future growth.

push hard

I’m certainly not encouraging you to quit your business. In fact, I’m actually encouraging you to push harder and lean further into the dip. But only on certain projects and services. You can’t be pushing through a dip in loads of different programs and services at the one time. Attempt that and you will resign yourself to only having the basic skills of a sport without the advanced techniques to be a professional. The real success is becoming professional at each of these avenues within your business and this obviously takes time, effort and focuson each one individually. For those who are not in your focus at this point in time, then simply quit. Don’t waste the time, money and effort on being mediocre. Focus your efforts on the dip you are tackling. Lean into it. Push hard.

Most people quit. At something. Sometime. But they usually quit at the wrong time or they quit the wrong stuff. The real challenge is having the guts to quit what you need to quit now, to then enable you to excel in the areas of greatest benefit to you.