insect 1

Although the heading of this article may seem like it’s from far out in left field, but the reality of the heading is completely true. I’m not saying we should all walk around and pretend to have six legs or to hide in the shadows only coming out at night to eat scraps off the floor.  What I am saying is that one of the most prolific behaviours that insects engage in is the same thing that we need to do more often and more meticulously to ensure business opportunities come our way.

Simply put, insects such as cockroaches, crickets, house flies and ants are constantly engaging in antenna grooming behaviour. Like many animals, scientists know that insects such as these frequently clean themselves but primarily focus on their antenna. This is a ritual that enables them to feel out the environment, sense the temperature and odours, search for signs of danger and most of all, direct them towards opportunities that are favourable to their existence. Without having their antenna well-groomed and constantly up, there would be many opportunities that the insects would miss out on.

Just like in business, it is exactly the same scenario. The astute business owners constantly have their antenna up, walking around and always enabling new opportunities to be discovered.

insect dressup 1We always hear quotes about seizing opportunities and being ready when the opportunity arises but for so many people there are dozens of opportunities that pass them by each and every day simply due to their inability to know an opportunity was even there. These are the people that aren’t paying enough attention to their own antennas.

Are the people missing out on these opportunities disadvantaged by dirty antenna? Broken, bent or deformed antenna? A vast majority of time, no, they are not. It is simply a lack of ensuring that their antenna is up at all times trying to scope out opportunities that are passing them by. It is these people that are always paying attention and enabling the possibility for opportunities to come their way that are going to consistently receive more of these opportunities.

So always keep your antenna up. Always pay attention and ensure to take every opportunity that comes along. There’s a lot we could learn about business growth and improving business opportunities by following the example set by our little insect friends.