In all aspects of our life there are ample amounts of opportunity for us to simply whinge and complain about something we may notbe happy about. But there is a very simple strategy that will always overcome your difficulty when you have the need to complain. And that is simply to volunteer and help find a solution to whatever it is that challenges or frustrates you.

I often refer to the analogy of people, a movement or organisation trying to move in the one direction. For the most part there is a large majority of people altogether, working as one and trying to row the boat in the same direction. Unfortunately, the challenge lies within the fact that for every group of people rowing together in the same movement, there are always a few strugglers that feel the best course of action is to stand up in the boat and rock the boat instead.

The real challenge in this situation is not so much addressing the concerns and frustrations of those voicing their opinions as we all have a right to voice our thoughts but the challenge is that it only takes the smallest of minorities to cause the loudest noise. The problem often lies in that those that make the loudest noise feel as though everyone must also feel the same as they do and therefore they have a right to simply go on whinging and complaining with their verbal megaphone.


I always find that the easiest solution to these challenges when they occur is to simply be the bigger person, stand up and offer to proactively assist in the best interest of everyone. This is more commonly known as ‘volunteering’ and for most people the idea of spending “their” time, regardless of how small an investment it may be, is all too hard for them to complete. Simply by volunteering a very small amount of time, you are able to proactively work with the others in the movement to ensure that everyone is best represented and all views are taken into consideration. Regardless of how big an organisation or business becomes, it is often the unpaid, after hours, extracurricular work that is completed, that carries the most benefit to that business or organisation.

In the famous words of the great Zig Ziglar, “You can have everything in life you want if you just help enough other people get what they want.” Nothing could be truer in relation to what I’m writing here. If we all work together and donated even just a small amount of time to the groups, businesses and organisations that we associate with, or rely upon in life, then the forward movement of that organisation would see exponential growth within a very short period of time.

I’m continually involved personally with a large number of charities, boards and various organisations in addition to the several companies that I own or am a director of. Although all of these ‘volunteer’ roles easily take me in excess of 10 hours per week to complete, even just the smallest of time donated to just one of these organisations would be of benefit to their boat in moving forward together. It always makes me wonder how amazing our lives would all be if everyone just donated one or two hours of their week, every week, helping out.  How far could some of these organisations and charities actually go if they were just given the chance?


This post is not aimed at any group or demographic. It is simply an observation that I see in many facets of my life. There are so many times in our everyday lives where we can choose to slip below the line and play the professional victim by always looking to blame others, find excuses or simply deny there was a problem in the first place. But the mark of integrity within a person lies within the ability to take ownership and accountability for one’s actions and be responsible for decisive outcomes that all of us can influence.  By simply looking for a solution and applying time towards obtaining it, regardless of how little this time may be, then we can all champion ourselves knowing that we have done the best effort we can as a business or organisation.

It’s so easy in our lives to play below this line and simply whinge or complain but I challenge you to be the bigger person and always look to actively seek and assist in the development of a solution rather than simply standing on the sidelines complaining.