It’s a dog eat dog world out there, and so many people are quick to be a deterrent on your dreams. And you know what? That’s okay. Actually, it’s to be expected. What I’m not okay with, is the fact that we are all so quick to let those dreams fall along the wayside.

We live in a generation where being different isn’t just accepted, it’s encouraged. Where education has never been so accessible before, massive parts of aluminium can float in the sky and you have the opportunity to communicate with the whole world at the touch of your fingertips, BUT you can’t follow your dreams?
There’s something in that sentence that doesn’t quite check out, right?

Now I’m not talking about walking on the moon, or being the real life superman, I’m talking about those attainable goals you set everyday, but can forget all the time.

For once, I don’t have a blog that has pointers, or rules, or a step by step recipe to reach those achievable goals. I’m honestly asking you to be raw, be vulnerable. Remember what it was that gave you the passion to become an entrepreneur and then act on it. It’s difficult being a business owner, it’s difficult to remain competitive all the time, but it’s not difficult to know what you want and work hard everyday to get there. You will have restrictions, you will have set backs, but that doesn’t make your dream any less accomplishable. Instead, these challenges should make success so much sweeter.

Most of the fear to conquer your dreams stems from deterrents. A lot of deterrents come from people who aren’t on the same journey as you, they can’t understand so they dismiss the idea all together. Or maybe the deterrents are the speedbumps along the way that make you put your car in reverse. Maybe the deterrent is yourself, who knows? You have to get past this, you know why? Because you owe it to yourself.

The craziest thing is that you know you have always wanted to do this. You know stepping over that first milestone will make you realise that you can do things that you believed you weren’t capable of. You know deep down inside that if you reach your dreams maybe you’ll stand a little straighter, you’re food might taste a little better, because that’s what it feels like when you accomplish something you’ve wanted for a long time. That’s what success is.

And if you have a deterrent in your life, someone or something who made you believe you couldn’t do it, then you’ve come to the right place, because here at Kaizen… We’re betting on you.
Maybe The Rolling Stones were wrong, maybe you can always get what you want.