Just as the title says, that is the question… The challenging part about it is that when we look more closely at it, is there really a question at all?


A mentor and good friend of mine, Brad Sugars, one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, is always saying that you must “Learn before you earn.” And the reality is nothing could be closer to the truth than that one line.

As business owners and entrepreneurs we all get very wrapped up in trying to develop our next program, work on our next ground breaking item or just simply get caught up with the day to day workings of our companies. And that’s not even factoring in the time we all desire to spend with our family and friends.


Yet as we paint a somewhat bleak picture of our often poor ability to manage our tasks, one thing still stands out at the front of any future success you may be striving for.  And that one thing is the need for you to continuously grow both professionally and personally.

Learning and continually driving your ability to become more knowledgeable and more experienced is always the key to ultimate success. Whether it’s reading books, working with mentors and coaches or attending seminars and forums, the need for your brain to continually expand is never ending. The rate at which you continue to learn is parallel to the rate at which you will experience success.

I encourage you all to set a regular routine to ensure your continual growth and development. Whether it’s setting a program and calendar for achieving attendance and learnings at seminars or whether it’s a daily time to read more and learn from others.  Whatever you choose to implement is your choice.  But remember, the sooner you start learning more, the sooner you’ll start earning more.