write goalsHow many times in life and particularly in business do you find yourself wishing the other person just understood where you are coming from and what  you are trying to say, do and achieve?

“If only they were on the same page as I am…”

Whenever I hear people say this it always make me think of two things. Firstly, where is your page? And secondly, have you ever shown your page to them?

Often we get so busy in our lives and working in our business that maintaining alignment is something that falls by the wayside.  Although we know that having everyone focused on the same goals with clarity regarding future direction, very few of us ever ensure we are right on track with our teams. Often, all it takes is a brief conversation or a quick team meeting of alignment to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

I firmly believe that the majority of the time, it is not actually a lack of time or poor task management that prevents these conversations and alignment from happening. I feel it is based around the fact that many people struggle with their own long term clarity and direction of their business and hence, the thought of getting everyone else’s thoughts combined with their own and coming up with a clear delineation of what the future holds is something that challenges most people to the point where they procrastinate and avoid the task.

strategic-planningThis avoidance to address the real issue always prevents the alignment that is most needed from ever occurring and it only continues to fuel the frustration of not having those people around you engaged with the direction you wish to head in.

I would encourage everyone to spend the time looking at their own page or for many, designing their page for the first time. Once you have your page, give it to your teams. Give it to those around you that you need alignment with and allow everyone to know where you’re going and what you’re wanting to achieve. Be proud of what you’re wanting to achieve and make people aware of where you’re going as not only is it very empowering for yourself but it also ensures accountability and motivation to go and make it happen.