As business owners, it is always easy to get frustrated at team business team 2 members, demanding of results and expecting more than what you get. But if we actually look at how this occurs, why this occurs and the parameters around mistakes being made and your expectations not being met, there is always a common theme and simple underlying factor.

The underlying factor is quite simply that you, as the owner, are responsible for your team’s results. You’re also responsible directly for the errors in which your team often makes.

See, here is the thing. Your team can only grow and produce the level of results to which you have trained them. Expecting anything more is simply you being unreasonable. Further to this, it is often the assumptions that you make, as the owner, about what you already know or have learnt, that you have not educated your team on, that often results in errors occurring or underperforming results.
As the owner, it is your responsibility to train and educate your team with the highest possible level. You must keep in mind that your team members are your highest form of leverage for you to enable your business to grow, produce more results and ultimately satisfy your own thirst for the loftier goals you wish to achieve.

The challenge I often hear, whilst also not necessarily hearing it from a business owner, is the thoughts and fears that the business owner has around training their business team 1team members to a high level, in fear that the team member will then leave and actually become their competition. I cannot say this any more directly than the following. Not enabling your team members to grow to the highest possible level due to your own self- fear around them possible leaving and becoming your competition is singularly the dumbest thing you can do for your own business. You must always ensure that you continually train them, make them better and understand that if you continually educate and grow them both personally and professionally, then all you need to do is make them feel valued and treat them like the rockstars that they are and they’ll never leave.

Now I understand that it’s not as easy as I have outlined above, but I can personally guarantee it is just that simple. Be very clear with your team about what you are wanting, what you are all going to be doing together to achieve this and as a business owner, provide them with the level of education that you yourself would need if you were in their situation. Invest into them. Support them and make them feel valued and ensure that everyone is in alignment for where the business is going and the results and outcome you are expecting.

So before you take the stick to that troublesome team member, disgruntled employee, the apparently underperforming staff member, etc., please keep in mind that in the vast majority of situations, it is not actually their fault as to why they are underperforming or not achieving your desired level of results, but in fact, a direct avenue for you as the business owner, not providing them with enough, or the right, education and ability to complete the required tasks at the level of which you wish to operate. So identify with your team members where their knowledge and skills may be lacking and what you as the business owner, or the business itself, can provide to ensure that they’re given the best education opportunity to perform at the level at which you need them to. Stop playing the blame game and taking the easy way out by convincing yourself that you are the rockstar owner and that they need to step up. Granted, they may need to step up, but just think about what level they would actually be performing at if you, as the owner and employer, did everything possible to ensure they were absolute rockstars.
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