launch-buttonGreater ideas and initiatives and beneficial programs are often ideas aplenty within our heads and yet when we look at the reality of what we actually complete and put out to market, the end result is usually the opposite.

As high achievers and those that are always striving to achieve more and the next level of growth, program development or even just acceptance with our peers, the need for seeking perfection often overrides the need of just shipping the program or product in the first place.

Being at the cutting edge of innovation and perfection is an exceptionally fine line to walk and one that many of us will never see massive success within.  But here’s the good news… Very rarely is the product or program that sells the most, actually the best product available. It is normally the service, product or program with the most specific target market, along with the creative marketing focus on the buyers emotion, that wins at the end of the day.  Often the inner need of the developer to have perfection with the product or service is the exact reason why it fails to sell or deliver the results.


At our business conferences I’m always telling participants that if the program or service is 80% ready, they should launch it.  Release it to the intended target because the reality is, you’ll never have it 100% done and perfect. The constant tweaking and modifications will only delay the release which in turn will see longer term procrastination from yourself and your team and ultimately holding everything back will only hamper the end result you are looking for.


There is a lot of literature to support this and in many ways it is also a large portion of the mentality behind the greatly respected Japanese system based on the principle of the Lean Start Up and how it’s best to push an unfinished and unpolished product to the marketplace, gain feedback and then make the positive changes based on consumer needs, than to attempt to achieve perfection before even trying to sell.

So take a few minutes now and think about at least five of your current projects, programs, services or other aspects to your life and business that you can now identify as being 80% ready. Launch them. Run them. Promote them. Do what needs to be done if it’s 80% done.   Start gaining market feedback and taking the next steps forward. Procrastination and our inner need for seeking perfection will only prevent ideas, programs and services from coming to life. Haters will always hate and there’ll always be competitors and people trying to knock you down and criticise what you have created but the reality is, you know that you can make a difference so believe in what you created.

Launch it now. Release it to your target market. Do it now. You owe it to yourself.