It is so easy for all of us to sit back and complain about what others may have and what we don’t have and no doubt all of us at someIMG_4071 point have caught ourselves doing just that. The reality though, is that this doesn’t ever achieve anything of benefit.

The best way to view this scenario is to always look at what you do have and be grateful because you’ll always then get more.  But for those that always look at what they don’t have and complain, their life will never have enough.

Next comes the ability to go and get what it is that you’re actually wanting in the first place. There is a very simple and easy way to ensure as the heading of this blog post says – the guaranteed way to always get what you want.

Too often, people are more than happy to express their disappointment, frustration or just have a general whinge about what they don’t have and what they are unable to achieve. These are the people that will continue to experience the sad, lonely and depressing to life. Take a positive approach and come to realise that the only way to always get what you want is to stop complaining and get stuck into the work that needs to be completed.

We have all done it at various times – complain about things that we were unwilling to change ourselves. But here’s the challenge. When you catch yourself in that moment, always ask yourself, “If I have the audacity to complain about this, then does it really make me feel so strong that I’m willing to make a change myself?”

Using this tactic is a clear and simple way to ensure that you are always holding yourself accountable to invoking positive change and creating the area around yourself to be a much more pleasant place to spend your time.

So challenge yourself. Catch yourself in the moment and ask yourself the question. If it is really worth the time and effort to whinge about to others, then it is obviously worth the time for you to be prepared to make a change.