In today’s society, there is a distinct lack of gratitude, the use of manners and the words ‘Thank you’ and the overall expression of appreciation and recognition. But within this statement alone lies an exceptionally important lesson for all of us and an essential key point of leverage for all of us to apply within our organisations and companies.

Often as humans, we have a great shortage in our ability to say thank you and show appreciation to those that assist us. Whether it is a simple gesture paid to a snippet of assistance or a large amount of time and effort invested into a large project we are completing, having the ability to acknowledge your gratefulness is imperative to receiving further assistance in the future.   The maintaining of strong relationships with those around you and ensuring a more healthy and harmonious environment that you are surrounded with are imperative to our ongoing fortitude.

Often as business owners, we can be too engaged with the numbers game. This one track mindset of focusing in on one or two key parameters is nearly always at the detriment to the overall environment we are working within due to the negative impact it has on the overall tone and setting of your workplace. This extends much further than just to work colleagues but is always felt and experienced by our clients and customers – the ones that should matter the most to us.

gratitude2I encourage everyone to push back against the shortcomings in our lack of appreciation and thankfulness and ensure we are providing a setting more heavily focused on a sense of gratitude. The ability to show thankfulness and appreciation to your clients and customers on a more regular basis is a gold nugget that is exceptionally valuable in your business or organisation.

Making people feel appreciated, recognized and secure helps to increase their trust and respect for you and their long-term loyalty will also build. Creating a scenario of loyalty, respect and trust is a key derivative to driving your organization forward and securing a long-term following paramount to your overall success.

Showing one’s gratitude and thankfulness to someone particularly when it is unexpected will not only be a pleasant surprise to the recipient but will create a scenario with the person much more likely to invest time, money and energy into helping you again in the future.


Only recently was I unexpectedly acknowledged and thanked in a nationally published magazine [Activate-June 2014]  One of the main articles was about a colleague and good friend that I have invested a lot of time and effort into in the last few years to help him grow personally and professionally and see his company grow into one of the best allied health companies in the country. The article was focused on his company and the recent winning of a prestigious accolade to which he was able to express his gratitude and thanks to his team, his closest supporters and publicly name myself and another associate of mine that has been the inspiration in assisting him to achieve such great results. This unexpected and surprising gesture of gratefulness is not only pleasantly received but is also very humbling and naturally has me proactively looking for ways to further assist him knowing that he is very grateful and appreciative of the time and effort I have previously invested. [See attached picture] These feelings and the flow on effect of his actions is a clear derivative and outcome that resonates with all of this. This is just but one fine example of how showing acknowledgement, gratitude and thankfulness by such a simple gesture can go such a long way to your future success.

I am certainly not saying that we have to go out of our way to publicly thank everyone that is important to us or that assists us but there are a magnitude of ways, most of which are very small in nature that in our own unique way can express appreciation and thankfulness. It’s often the smallest and cheapest gesture that holds the most power. Even in starting this new approach of increased gratitude by liking this post and sharing this blog in your own social media circles is a very small, yet worthwhile and important way of recognizing your appreciation to the value you’ve received in this post.  Your actions are also then allowing others to also receive benefit as well.

Always looking for ways to express your appreciation and your readiness to show thanks and gratitude is a mentality that takes time and effort but is exceptionally worthwhile.  thank-you

Thanks for kindly taking your valuable time to read this post and an even greater thank you for those that “like” this post and share it within their social media circles.