We all know there are certain types of people that are downright negative to the situation we find
ourselves in. It is often these people that do the most amount of damage to our own confidence and self-belief and the vast majority of times, it is largely only because of their own lack of ability, jealousy, envy or the downright frivolous characteristics they exhibit known very well in Australia as tall poppy syndrome.

You probably know of a few of these toxic-type people off the top of your head and unfortunately, some of them may actually be quite close to you in your professional life. The sooner you remove them from your life, especially your professional life, the better.

The worst thing about these types of people in the Allied Health industry is that they are almost like a self-perpetuating cancer and enable their toxic ways to spread to others.

Here are the six types of toxic people you should avoid in the Allied Health industry.


  1. Those who are envious

Being a business owner or entrepreneur in the Allied Health industry can be a very tough slog and often a bumpy ride. Unfortunately, regardless of the success you might have there will always be people who are not happy for you, ever. Regardless of how many supporters you have to congratulate you when you hit your high points,  there will always be detractors and as the saying goes, haters  will always hate.


  1. Those who are great at gossiping

gossipThe only reason someone gossips in the first place is because they are insecure about their own ability. They have no concept of how to separate fact from speculation and when the truth gets twisted, they easily convey the wrong information, which ultimately hurts other people. Having a gossiper and someone who excels at Chinese whispers spreading is very destructive, creates some massively negative environment to be around and my best advice is to remove them from your circle as soon as possible.


  1. Those who are negative Nancy’s

Negativity is something that will continually drain you of your energy and ability to do great things in your life and to help other people. Never take the negativity from these negative Nancy’s to heart and understand that it is simply the toxic way their brain is wired that enables them to attempt to discredit every idea you’ll ever have.  Regardless of how supportive other people may be or how creative and amazing your service or product is, they will always go out of their way to point out everything possible that could be seen in a negative light. They are a major energy sucker and it’s these people that rarely have many friends because they so easily turn people away from wanting to be near them.


  1. Those who are judgmental

Judgemental-LookJudgmental people have a fantastic ability to continually criticise anything and everyone they come in contact with. Regardless of how much detail you explain something to them and how much evidence you have validating what you are saying, it simply goes in one ear and out the other. They come to conclusions before they hear the facts. They don’t listen and are commonly known for their poor communication skills. Even asking any advice or feedback from a judgmental person is a complete waste of time as they’ll soon become arrogant, get on their high horse and try to prove their superiority to everyone else’s disbelief.


  1. Those who are liars

All successful people surround themselves with other successful individuals and like-minded professionals who you can count on to always be there and support you. You can’t trust liars and you can never count on them because you never even know whether they’re going to come through with the goods or simply stab you in the back for their own benefit. This type of uncertainty will always wear you out as another major energy suck and eliminating them from your life is essential if you want to become even more successful. The worst part is that those who lie often display many of the traits listed above and fail to even understand why they don’t have a close support network around them.


  1. Those who are victims

finger pointingThe continual victim will always have an excuse or reason for why mistakes and errors keep occurring. They can be some of the most toxic people around you as they never have anything that they have said or done that has ever led to a wrongdoing and fail to ever accept any responsibility. They can very easily point a finger and create a significant domino effect in the blame game, which only leads to further Chinese whispers mentioned above. Flush them out of your life and eliminate the headache. The ironic thing is that every time these people point their finger at you, three of their own fingers are actually pointing back at themselves which shows that 3/5 of everything they are blaming you for, is clearly back on them and not on you in the first place.


If any names spring to mind when you read the descriptions above, then it’s time to take a serious look at removing them from your life. Unfortunately, to give yourself the best opportunity to succeed in Allied Health, you need to be surrounding yourself with positive people who are supportive, proactive, dynamic in their approach and have a level of integrity at all times. For the better good of our industry and all of our amazing colleagues who change the lives of so many people around Australia, do your best to remove the toxic, cancerous people listed above from your professional life and watch how much your personal and professional ability and life improves.

Stay focused and clear on your goals and always keep in mind, as Zig Ziglar always said, “You can have everything you want in life if you just help enough other people get what they want.”


zig ziglar