focus3In all aspects of our life we are constantly hearing about people asking, complaining and just generally questioning why certain things happen to them and even more so, continually asking the question of “Why don’t I get what I want?” …The simple answer to this question is that you don’t ever get what you want.  Instead, you always get what you focus on.

In a somewhat and basically unexplainable phenomenon, the universe will always deliver what you focus on. When all of your energy, direction and dedication is focused in on achieving one thing, then it nearly almost is certain to be realised.

When focusing on a particular item it automatically ensures that your thoughts, actions, behaviours and everything else that you and your body resonates, is pointing at what you’re focused on and hence, whether you like it or not, you are unconsciously pointing yourself towards that exact mark and hence, you always get what you focus on.

There are also many famous studies on the Hawthorne principle which scientifically proves that whatever you focus your attention on such as something negative in your life, will only result in increasing this negative aspect by 8-12%. This theory holds true in all aspects of life. We commonly see the Hawthorne principle in play in the world of business when companies go out and complete a customer survey. The result of this customer survey usually has multiple questions of a negative nature and by asking and focusing the attention of the customer onto what they don’t do well or what was the worst aspect of the customer’s experience with their company, the business is actually driving the Hawthorne principle in the opposite direction and will actually fuel a heightened 8-12% increase in negativity as a result of this principle being in play.

focus 1So the lesson here is to always focus on what you really want.  It’s certainly not saying to ignore potentially negative and disruptive areas of your business that need to be identified and improved upon, but merely ensuring that we all understand that just because we want something doesn’t mean that we’re going to get it. It is actually in  fact the direct result of what we continually focus on that is the outcome we always experience.

So stay focused on what you want. Don’t get distracted and don’t just talk about what you want and need. Be true to yourself and ensure that your focus is continually on the target you really desire and it will definitely serve to prove to you that what you focus on is what you get.