Exactly as the title says, success isn’t built on strategy. Success is built on execution.

Strategy is not a product. There are offices and bookshelves with endless amounts of files and folders full of potential successful strategies but regardless of how good they might be, unless you execute them, then they’re nothing more than just an idea.

Develop ideas and build your strategy. There is definite merit in taking the time to carefully plan and strategise your long-term future and ultimately work it backwards into smaller, bite-sized chunks each with their own strategy. But don’t rely on strategy alone. It must involve execution.

Business sketchThe process is quite simple. Strategise, then build some rudimentary systems and start to execute. Then evaluate progress and strategise further. Develop stronger systems and continue to implement and execute the adaptations. Continue repeating the process until it is a streamlined and efficient system that is effective in the desired result and only then will you realise success has been seen from strategy.

When looking at highly successful people, it is well-known that they all focus on executing exceptionally well. Maybe we should all take a leaf out of their book and adapt to this theory as well.

Remember. Success is not a product and although important, it doesn’t guarantee success.  It is actually the execution that enables a strategy to be successful.