Screenshot 2014-07-24 23.07.57Very few companies have a clearly defined culture nor do they have team that drives each other. For most companies, their foundations are built on heavy-handed, money-driven direction with more team members working out of fear of the ‘big stick’ rather than for what they believe in and what their team stands for.

The truly great companies, although they also have strong underlying key performance measures and expectations, are not driven by the big stick and instead are driven by a common purpose and a set of beliefs held by the team.

These beliefs, more commonly known as ‘Points of Culture’, are the foundational building blocks of all successful team units.

These Points of Culture are made by the team.  Decided upon by the team.  Implemented by the team.  And most certainly, lived, by the team.

Screenshot 2014-07-24 23.07.33With strong Points of Culture in your team, all of your recruiting and induction can be based around these common set of beliefs. These common set of beliefs tells everyone “this is how we play the game here in this team” and “this is what makes our team so great.”  A true set of living and breathing Points of Culture will make for a rock solid team unit that will enable you to build an amazing team and achieve even more fantastic outcomes as a company.

Screenshot 2014-07-24 23.07.18Integrity, communication, teamwork, accountability… These are just some of the types of words and terms, great teams may have in their culture points. There is no right and wrong and it is what your team believes is an integral part that makes you such a great team. What is held in the highest regard by some people may barely rate on the scale of worthiness with others. It is always what resonates and holds true to yourself and your team members that really matters.

So spend some time with your team. Spend some time openly discussing what you all hold true personally and most importantly to your team. Decide on them, write them out and stick them up in your workplace. Learn them, live them and breathe them. Only then will your team truly have the rock solid foundation that it desires and every other aspect of your team’s future direction can then be built around it.


Without a strong set of ‘Points of Culture’ instilled within the team, there is nothing more than a bunch of ‘me’s ‘ and ‘I’s’ working at the same location.