coach_2We see it in all facets of our life and there is no better example than when it is on display between a world champion athlete and their coach. What I’m referring to here is the essential factor of a strong relationship in order for an athlete or team team in the sporting world to succeed.

In the world of business, it is exactly the same. The strongest companies are the ones that have forged the strongest relationships. These relationships are internal between colleagues and external between customers, suppliers, loyal patrons, distributors and many more.


One of the easiest ways for a company to know if they have strong relationships is to analyse the situation when something significantly goes wrong. For example, what if an Internet-based company’s website completely crashed and rendered them unable to conduct business and sell their products? What is the reaction from their chosen provider for their web-based solutions? Do they proactively assist? Do they have a system in place to identify the original problem and make contact with you to advise that they’re already working on a solution? Or do they seemingly run in the opposite direction when you eventually pick up the phone and call them to help with the situation?

The ability to have a strong team in all areas of business surrounding your own business is a critical part of the platform to success. Having a strong relationship to simply be able to pick up the phone, briefly explain the problem and get on with other tasks knowing that they will do the best thing for you and your company is paramount to your business recovering from this problem and marching forward to success.


The challenge is that relationships need to be worked on. They need to be nurtured. They need to be given time to grow and most importantly, they need to have each person engaged in the process, seeing value in the relationship and wanting to continually improve the strength of it.
With strong relationships surrounding a great team, it is very hard to slow the momentum of the company down. Take a brief look at the relationships around you and the last five people you have engaged business discussions with. What can you easily identify to be the relationship-building strategies you are working on at the moment with these people? If you can’t think of the strategy you are currently working on, then it is obviously something you need to develop and improve upon.

It is never too early to start and certainly never too early to continue to forge strong relationships. The reality is clear. Strong companies do not survive without strong relationships.