As many of us know, one of the best lead generational strategies is word of mouth and generating referrals due to the very low acquisition costs of such a strategy. But are you sure of the best and most convenient and effective way of doing so?magnet-people

One of the simplest ways to generate more referrals is to simply start by asking for them. Although this might sound silly and over-simplified, I see this all the time in the Allied Health and medical professions where people don’t actually ask for the referrals in the first place.

After you’ve recognised the fact that you have to ask for the referral, you’ll soon realise that with the right structure and system in place you are actually able to ask for the right type of client you are aiming for and are most wanting to work with. These are usually the clients that are your A-class clients and those that are aligned with what you are most passionate about and what is also going to give you the greatest profit margins to further your business and take more steps towards your long-term dreams and vision.

When asking for referrals, I am not just referring to asking other health practitioners or doctors for referrals, when specifically talking about the health field but asking the people that are already clients of yours. Many of these clients may well be raving fans and would be very happy to help refer business to you whilst others might need a gentle prompt advising that just like themselves who are your A-class clients, you’d love to work with other people they might know that are similar to themselves. This kind of strategy is basically free and you’ll not only flatter them but it will potentially lead to a rapid increase in clients much greater than what you are able to handle at the moment. time vs. money

In some situations, having a referral incentive is often also a fantastic way to generate very cheap new clients. Whilst offering a discount to your product or service seems like the easiest and most obvious choice, it is often the value add of an additional service or an additional product which represents much greater value in the first place that will gain better results. Having a value add product or additional service added in for “free” will normally not only keep the acquisition costs of that client much lower but will also ensure you are not simply swapping time for money and overall will give you greater perception of value being added whilst also saving you personally for less takine on delivering the service.

These few strategies are exceptionally simple, quick and easy and in some aspects are basically free, yet they are often the strategies least used by business owners particularly in the health and medical fields.

acquisition cost

Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals. Let’s face it, they are more than likely going to need your service but if you are not passionate about what you do and make them aware of that and offer to help them, then they’re most likely going to go and see someone else. I don’t know about you, but I believe in what I do so much that I know their best interest will be served by buying my product or service rather than someone else’s.

Be confident in your ability and ensure that your referral strategies are simple and maintaining the lowest acquisition cost whilst also representing and giving the most amount of value.