stop talking

For nearly everyone, the topic that everyone likes to talk about most, regardless of what people are prepared to admit, is themselves. There’s a deep

aspect of our brain that means everyone’s favourite topic of discussion is themselves. The challenge is to harness that and ensure that you stop talking because most of what you say doesn’t matter.

More specifically, I’m referring to the fact that it doesn’t matter what you’re saying about yourself in the public arena but more so what others are saying about you. Public perception and the opinion of others about yourself and your actions are what is important and not what you have allowed your mind to concoct in your own head.

lips sealed

A fantastic example of this is with our own interactions within various social media platforms that now overly consume our lives on a daily basis. In this arena, it is not important what you say about yourself but in contrast, it is vitally important with what others say about you. If it is greater public chatter about yourself that you are seeking, then the real challenge lies within getting enough raving fans that willingly and without being asked are prepared to sing your praises in that public forum.

So in most cases, the easiest solution is to quite simply give more to others and more heavily support and talk about others. It is this mindshift change to increased gratitude towards others that gains more traction and ultimately gathers further support at a much quicker rate.

So stop your own chatter because it’s not about you. Your opinion and noise about yourself is not what’s important and certainly not what carries the most weight. Give more to others. Support others more and allow more gratitude to show through because it is this law of reciprocity that will ultimately show much larger return of chatter in your direction with this strategy.