sunriseWhilst many people find it challenging to rise early in the morning and head off for another day at work, this morning I found myself leaving home and being greeted by a beautiful sunrise with amazing colours and it made me realise how lucky I was and how today was going to be such a great day.

Now I know in essence that it is not just luck that I have such an enriched life as the harder I have worked, the luckier I seem to have gotten. But today’s sunrise made me realise that my energy can meet the  new day head on with so much energy, came about to the fact that I was about to live another day fulfilling my passion.

It is very easy to wake up and be motivated for another day if you truly love what you do. I must stress here that there’s a difference between the physical work that you may do and the outcomes that can be achieved by the work that you do. For example, many of the tasks that I find myself completing each day are not necessarily tasks that invoke a huge amount of my personal passion but I’m very aware that the net result of completing these will enable others to live happier and healthier lives and hopefully enable greater lifestyle abundance for themselves.


Often people misjudge having passion for business or their job.  For example, because they enjoy drinking coffee, they decide to go out and start a coffee shop. I also see people opening restaurants because they like to eat good food at good restaurants. Unfortunately this is the wrong mentality to see them truly succeed in business and before long, what they thought was their passion and motivation will often fade to a hard slog of long hours and financial uncertainty.  Certainly not the dream they had in mind.  You shouldn’t start a coffee shop because you like coffee, nor a restaurant if you like eating good food.  It’s about the outcomes achievable that can drive your passion, not the task itself.

Remember, you may not always like every task and be inspired by every aspect of your job, but be inspired and empowered by the result of what outcomes and achievements your job or company can provide yourself and those around you.