Why is it that we all love to talk about doing things and yet so many times we rarely start… At the time we seem very passionate and dedicated but most of the time we are simply caught up in the moment. The solution is quite simple…Start. Do something.


Even if that something isn’t perfect or completely in line with the end goal…Do something. Start now.

Having a clear direction, end goal or destination with marker points along the way as well as a clear action plan on all vital parts to reach your goal, but don’t get caught up with having everything perfect before you start. Just start. Do something.
A few days ago I watched Australian Ironman Triathlon in Port Macquarie.  This exact point was exceptionally evident as the race came to its conclusion and in the hours and days following it became even more prevalent. The comments from supporters and athletes alike about what they were going to do, how they would race again, what they would do differently, etc. Unfortunately, so many of these comments are simply words. For most, there’s no follow through.


As we all know, all journeys start with a single step and the hardest few steps are always the most challenging. So just start. Do something.
If it’s losing a few kilos, getting a little fitter, eating more healthily or a total lifestyle makeover, you don’t have to have the perfect end goal and perfect plan in place before you start. Just start. Do something.
The details can be worked out later. The exact training sessions can be clarified later. The way you will structure your race can be finalised later. Your tactics, nutrition, racing suit and so many other aspects are the final details that will come into play soon enough. But for now, stop talking and get started.
Just start. Do something