As Brian Tracy famously taught us many years ago to ‘eat that frog’, it is something that a vast majority of people still struggle to get on top of.eat_that_frog_BT

Whether it is the delaying of completing chores like cleaning the house, washing the dishes or mowing the lawn, the principle still stays the same. If you have to eat a big disgusting frog sometime during the day, then it’s always best to just ‘eat that frog’, get it out of the way and move onto more pleasant, enjoyable and fulfilling activities.  After all, nothing worse can happen for the rest of the day.

Procrastination and the lack of action taken are no more evident in life than around the business community. Vast amounts of business owners stall decisions, delay actions being taken and overall waste time in completing fundamental aspects of their workload simply because they are too scared to eat their frog.


Although the taste of a big, fat, disgusting frog might not seem all that appealing, if it is something that had to be eaten during the day, then get it done as soon as possible.  By not completing it first up as a priority, you allow yourself increased stress, anxiety and the inability to maintain focus and clarity on your other activities.  This is by far a neglectful and wasteful use of your time. Delaying eating a frog will not necessarily make it taste any better but simply robs you of the clarity you require for all of the other aspects of your day.

At the start of everyday I strongly encourage you to identify your big frog for that day and allocate a specific time to devour it before moving on to the more fulfilling aspects of the day ahead.