Have you ever wondered why some mornings you wake up feeling really refreshed whilst the next morning you wake up feeling like you’ve done 10 rounds with Mike Tyson? More than likely the main reason comes down to the fact that your body clock and circadian rhythms, along with your sleep patterns are completely out of tune with the rest of your body.

TiredAtWorkFor so many of us, the frenetic world in which we allow ourselves to live in, is often the driver behind our ability, or lack thereof, to structure a more systematic approach to        our weeks. The apparent inability to schedule set bedtimes along with similar times that we awake each morning is primarily the reason why you bound out of bed some mornings and drag yourself out on others.

The parallels between getting a well-rested night’s sleep and our efficiency and effectiveness in the following workday is widely documented. More importantly to that, is the bearing of a poor attitude for us being tired, on the relationships we hold with our families, friends and colleagues that are around us.

So what’s the miracle cure to prevent this from continually happening? Well, your best option is to start immediately with a structured approach to the times in which you go to bed and rise in the morning. This allows your body to get into a pattern of sleep and your varying levels of the depth of your sleep each night will start to reflect those timings. When your body and its sleep patterns understands when your need to be coming out of a deep sleep, or going into one, the ability to streamline your sleep patterns become much more effective.

So the solution is quite simple. If we are able to run a default diary of timings in our work life, then why can’t we translate this into our personal lives? Having a set time to eat, exercise and most importantly go to bed is the key to making all of this happen. Obviously with the way the world works, unscheduled events such as an early meeting may disrupt this default diary of sleep patterns but with the odd step-out of alignment your body will cope much better than the current sporadic pattern it is trying to decipher.sleep_time

Try it for two weeks. Have set times where you depower your life before bed with a set time of lights out. Having a set time to wake in the morning is the second step and I guarantee that if you stick to this for a two-week period, you will notice the immediate benefits in a psychological status upon rising each and every morning. And at the end of the day, being more effective in our lives and our personal relationships is the clear step towards having the life you always wanted.