Businessman multitaskingFor a large majority of us, a very large component of all the work we actually do is quite trivial. Only those small portions of each person’s day are actually spent doing the truly important tasks that need to be completed.

So the answer is really quite simple. Rush all of those trivial tasks. I’m not once suggesting you rush everything you do and invest a large amount of time and effort constructively into the big tasks that are very important. What I am saying is let’s all accept the truth that so much of our everyday work tasks are trivial and the only true way to allocate the required time on the important tasks is to rush the unimportant jobs.

As much as doing the trivial tasks might seem fun, you have to agree that it makes complete sense to get all of the unimportant jobs done as quickly as possible each and every day. Even if it means you only do an average job on them, they are the unimportant tasks for a reason. Get them done and move on.rushing work 1

One of the world’s greatest investors to this current day, Warren Buffett, is renowned for saying, “What’s not worth doing, is not worth doing well.” So stop wasting time on the trivial time-wasting tasks and get stuck into spending time and the required effort into the juicy stuff that will actually bear the best fruit for you.