Why do so many of us struggle with breakthrough? Why is it that we are happy to work hard, push long hours with work and family commitments, pursue large amounts of time for our own sporting endeavours and yet, most people struggle with the hardship associated with breakthrough?

I firmly believe that it simply comes down to self-discipline.  More so, in most cases, a LACK of self-discipline.

There are those who believe to make strong breakthrough, you must give up the good to go for the great and ensure that massive change must have been accompanied by massive action.

For me, I believe it’s often the opposite. It’s the small things. The simpleavalanche disciplines. The daily small self-discipline actions that allow you to take each step along the path to greatness. Gaining confidence with each step, with each small movement in a positive direction and just as an avalanche of momentum down a mountain started from just a single speck of snow, your own massive breakthrough will gain momentum day by day. Step by step. Little win by little win.

What I’m telling you to do is create your own massive breakthrough through the simple and small daily self-disciplines.

In nearly all cases, it is simply a lack of internal belief that you are able to achieve the massive breakthrough that prevents people from taking those steps each day.

Reports say that approximately 90 percent of your internal self-talk is not actually consciously acknowledged as being heard by yourself. But whilst you may believe you’re positive in the majority of time you spend with yourself and your belief in what you can do and achieve, it is having an even stronger belief towards what you are capable of.

Breakthrough is an amazing thing and the change that comes will forever improve your life and those around you. Always strive to be bigger and better, but it all starts from your own self belief.

Believe in yourself. Believe in the strengths you take each day from your small daily disciplines knowing that you’re simply building momentum, day by day, week by week and enabling your own avalanche to power forward towards the breakthrough you desire.