One of the biggest traps a business owner or entrepreneur can find themselves getting caught with, is the somewhat compulsive need to spend days, if not weeks, working on the details.

Should I make a small tweak to a business card or website colour? Should I be aiming to return emails in a very short period of time? Should I spend hours mowing my own lawn just to save $20 by not hiring the young kid down the street? All of these things may well have a place but surely not on top of my to-do list. My time would be much better spent focused solely on the fundamentals.

We all know what it is like to waste too much time and effort debating situations that are far from the priorities we should be focused on. Often we spend way too much wasted time on the what-ifs, the could-be’s and all of the other minor details associated with these mindsets. Yes, we might make a 1 or 2% increase, but mostly we are simply removing ourselves from the fundamental priorities that could easily make an 80 or 90% difference.

Being so heavily involved in the health industry, for me, drawing a comparison to exercise, anatomy and functional movement to illustrate my point is quite simple. By exercising in the gym and focusing on building a few tiny muscles whilst ignoring the most important fundamental muscles most responsible for functional movement may well give a 2% improvement but certainly won’t allow the 90% increase to so readily occur.

fundamentals2Committing to working on the basic fundamentals takes commitment. I have often struggled with sticking to my own plans based on the boredom, lack of clarity and wavering focus on the basics. However, by harnessing your inner courage to stay committed to the basics will enable you to take significant steps forward.

It’s often also much easier to tell people about the new project you are working on, a new strategy you have engaged in or brand new strategy you are looking to implement. Yet it’s much harder to say, “I’m just focusing on the fundamentals,” These types of comments are also often frustrating because it appears you haven’t made much progress yet. Yet the courage to stick at it and master the fundamentals is just the catalyst you require to ensure your long term success.

Don’t fear the fundamentals. Don’t get discouraged by frustration or boredom. Don’t waste time on the details of a necessary plight. Focus your attention on the basics. Ensure your long term success by dedicating yourself to the fundamentals.