Belt tighteningIs it my right as a person born in this great country to expect an entitlement to ongoing prosperity? Or is it something that I must also work hard on and put back into our great nation knowing that this renowned “lucky country” of ours was hardly born out of luck, but from our forefathers working hard, rolling up their sleeves and doing the heavy lifting together.

I am always very thankful for being born in this great country with all of the prosperity, opportunity and freedoms that are presented to me. However, I am also acutely aware of so many people that simply take this with the expectation that it is their right to simply put their hand out and expect their “rightful” entitlements.

I always think back to the people that built this great nation and the tireless decades of hard work and effort that each of them put into society, the lives around them and created the opportunities that we are now blessed with. I don’t for a minute think that somehow Australia is just simply a lucky country unless your definition of luck is derived from years of hard work, putting the time and effort in and doing the heavy lifting when required.

hard work 1

Several mentors of mine always say that, “The harder I work, the luckier I seem to get.”  The reality is, for most of Australia waking up this morning, the short sightedness of not understanding this principle is going to be the biggest burden on their lives.

I do not want to get political nor do I want to embark in a debate about last night’s budget release with everyone having their own opinion as to the good and bad aspects and the way it will positively or negatively influence our country. But I urge everyone to take notice of the message the government has quite clearly stated:  Prosperity is not a right. It must be earned. The age of entitlement is over.

Everyone is able to look at the budget and pick holes, whinge and complain about how it is going to hurt us or the people around us but the reality is, whether we like it or not, the current climate has been driven by our political predecessors (regardless of who they were and their political persuasion) The simple aspect of our previous errors, forces us to all now work together, work hard, put the time and effort in to once again drive this great country of ours forward.budget calculation

I do not believe that because we live in Australia we have the right to expect prosperity and all too often these days we see people with their hand out, looking for their next entitlement and continually asking what’s in it for them. Unfortunately, we are at a time where we must all share the burden of the heavy lifting and if we all roll our sleeves up and work together in the same way our forefathers did, then not only will we be creating a more prosperous and sustainable environment for all of us to live in, but one that we can be proud of for the years and generations to come.