We all know personal and business relationships are important, yet very few of us actually dedicate the time required to have these as strong as we not only want, but often need. Often it’s our lack of attention and time dedicated to managing these relationships that can often do the most long-term harm.massage

We all encourage each other to remain healthy, stay fit and generally live a happy and healthy life. Yet one of the biggest challenges most business owners face is the inability to manage the relationships they already have. We have become a society that is so driven and focused on networking with opportunities for meetings, luncheons and various social functions on an almost daily basis, that for most business owners, the wealth of contacts and new relationships we have all developed in the last few years has amounted to such a large number, that admittedly we all struggle to keep abreast of good relationships for each one of them.

Often, the perception of constantly needing more and more new business opportunities and an ever-increasing amount of networking prospects, that we leave ourselves exceptionally vulnerable to neglect the relationships we already have. Yet maintaining strong personal relationships with our key customers, colleagues and associates has been the corner foundation of much of our previous success yet we fail to give them the attention they rightly deserve.

I have found it very successful to put into my default diary a section of time everyday where I must contact at least three past colleagues, friends or associates as a general catch up and relationship-building exercise. The aim is not to sell a product or service or brag about what I’m currently up to.  But merely an opportunity to touch base, ask questions about how they are going and understand their current situation. This gentle massaging of relationships keeps the bond between both parties strong and facilitates much greater ability to be able to speak business as a selling opportunity in the near future and on a much more regular basis. Keep in mind that people buy from friends and those that they trust and have good working and personal relationships with.  So investing a little extra time into these relationships is paramount to your business success.trust 1

If we’re all to stay happy, healthy, fit and full of energy in all aspects of our life, then surely spending a little more time massaging our important relationships must become a crucial aspect of our long term health plan. Without these relationships, all of the other areas of our health and lifestyle will suffer due to increased stress, anxiety and much more.   So take heed of lessons I have learnt in the past and start applying a small amount of gentle pressure and preservation into the long term health management of each and every relationship you have.