gift-wrapped2Why is it in both business and life we so easily focus on the negative? We always seem to want to push to the next level, achieve the next goal and for many of us, as we seem to continually achieve more goals, feelings of satisfaction seem to disappear… Success in business and in life shouldn’t feel this way.

When was the last time you bought yourself an amazing and expensive birthday present? Most people reading this will probably smile to themselves and think ‘as if I’d ever do that’.  The reality is, for many others, there are only so many undies, socks and other small gifts that will make us feel good each year.   We are always going to be the ones to buy the present we really want. We are the only ones who KNOW exactly what we want and we are the only ones who would go out and spend that amount of money and time getting the perfect gift.  Lets be honest.  The time, money and effort we would spend buying ourselves our own birthday present, far outweighs the effort others would spend trying to buy ourselves that gift.

That is merely one form of celebrating successful aspects in our life. But in most cases, what is even more important is celebrating the smaller wins along the way and not just waiting for that one day each year.  Why is it that most companies only celebrate once a year at that often troublesome event called the ‘Christmas Party’??

As I said earlier in this post, for many of us, we simply go ahead day after day, week after week, continually achieving small, medium and also occasionally, larger goals. Society has us always trying to achieve more and often it is our own drive for continual and ongoing success that has us already emotionally invested into lining up the next goal to achieve. The challenge we have with this approach is that we never actually stop and celebrate the victories we’ve already achieved.

celebrations3Celebrating victories and the achieving of goals doesn’t have to be a monumental thing like buying yourself that amazing birthday present. It could be something as simple as going out and having a nice lunch, sharing a nice bottle of wine, going out to an event or completing an activity that makes you feel happy. Something simple, easy but meaningful is a great way to have your own mini congratulations on achieving that next little goal.

The power in this is amazing. It drives your brain to want to achieve more, complete more goals and continually improve. Because every time you do, you get rewarded. And often, it is the little rewards that you get, that mean the most in the end.

So go out and start rewarding yourself more. Celebrate more wins. Look at the coming week and months and decide on the goals you are aiming for and put markers down beside them as to what reward or celebration you get or will complete when that goal is achieved.

Regardless of the size of the celebration or the cost of the reward. These things are irrelevant. Just decide to celebrate. Celebrate more. Celebrate often.