Why to use 2 ads when hiring a team member. For many people, hiring is an exciting time as it most often signifies business growth and more impact to the community around them. But it’s also a time that creates anxiety and angst for the senior team members and business owner primarily.

What to post. What to comment on. What to put out as the advert itself. These are all parts that need to be addressed and putting them into a Seek Ad is the worst thing you can do. Let’s just get this straight. It must be a video ad. And more to the point, there must be 2 video ads as your actually always going to be speaking to 2 quite different target markets.

Regardless of how well you have defined the person that you are wanting and the role you are hiring for, you will always have to have 2 varying pitches to prospects and hence, 2 video ads must be used. In this podcast, there is a quick breakdown of what you need, when you need it and why you need it.

Grab it now and make sure that your next hire is a much smoother and easier process to go through and that everything falls into place nicely with the right team member in the right way to ensure your business continues to grow and has further impact to the lives around it.

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