The old business model of “You’re at x level of 4 steps in your business journey” is an old and broken business ethos and you need to avoid it.

Simply put, this mentality of being told, (and believing) that you have 4-5 steps of a business model is an outdated approach to business growth and will only serve to slow you down and impact your ability to grow.

Trying to make people believe that business has 4-5 steps in a triangular shape, only leaves you being placed into a box…a category…and fuels you to feel like you then need more help in your journey ahead. It’s an old way of thinking that was left behind, well before the GFC more than 10yrs ago.

Here’s why the worst thing you can do in your business right now, is to allow yourself to be placed at a particular “level” of business and why if you want to grow and scale and have more impact, you should walk away from anything that forces you to behave in a triangular model of business growth.

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