It may appear weird to read that heading but it’s 100% true.

The best times to grow your business are when the odds are stacked against you. You see, right now everyone in our industry is focused on what they can’t do, what patients they can’t see, what groups they can’t run, what they can’t do and what’s being forced on them.

But as all astute business owners know, that’s the perfect time to actually lean in, get on top of the avenues and seize the opportunities at hand. It’s just like buying businesses and properties.

You make the money on the buy not the sell. It’s just like the health and medical industry being placed in difficult situations at the moment.

The time to make the most amount of growth and benefit in the months and years ahead is right now. The good news for you is the vast majority of the industry don’t know it and aren’t doing it.

But if your smart and take the lessons from this podcast and rip in right now, you can get ahead in ways that the rest of the industry in the months will wish they had of as well.

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