Everyone talks about knowing numbers and the ability to have better understanding of their financials in business. And it’s 100% true. The real challenge is which numbers do you need to know?

How do you best interpret these numbers and make decisions as a result? We often see two extremes in the health and medical industry.

Firstly, those that have no financial metrics or very few and secondly, those at the other end of the spectrum that have way too much information and simply create information overload.

To be successful in your health business, you need to be efficient and effective, collect the accurate and consistent data of only the metrics you need and then you need to understand what the data actually says and know which lever to push or pull to get the most amount of benefit for your business.

Also understanding how your numbers correlate to the industry benchmarks are crucial if you’re wanting to create more time, money, freedom and impact in your business.

In this podcast we reveal the numbers you need to know in your business right now and the best ways for you to interpret them and be better equipped with the fiscal management of your business moving forward.

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