Social Media has been huge for years on so many levels and is ever changing as we all know. But one of the areas surrounding the most used platform of Facebook and advertising within it, MASSIVILY changed just over a week ago.

This is not click bait. HUGE changes were slid into effect and the months ahead will change dramatically as a result. …and most of the self proclaimed FB ad “experts” in the health and medical industry haven’t even realised yet.

So what does this all mean to you?

What does it mean to our industry?

What does it change for your marketing?

What will the months ahead look like as a result of these changes?

Don’t get left behind and most of all, KNOW what you are doing and what you may be paying other people for. Because if they haven’t flagged this with you yet… then maybe you need to rethink whether they are the best people to be advising you on your social media marketing strategies.

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