Just like in the game of baseball where the batter gets 3 chances to make a run, we’re often faced with the 3-strike scenario regarding staff members that might not be suited to be a part of our business.

Now this is a delicate subject when we start talking about who should and shouldn’t be a part of the team and business moving forward. But it’s one that is crucial if you’re wanting the best outcome on all levels for you and your team and business.

The real challenge that we have here is that most business owners only work on a first strike policy and don’t actually understand the other 2 strikes they need to be looking at before making a judgement call on staff members that may need to be either managed up or managed out.

The strikes I’m referring to are not actually mistakes or formal warnings as you might be thinking. Instead, they are 2 crucial aspects that are often neglected by the business owner and are not reviewed as part of the process of deciding whether a team member should stay or go.

So, step up to the plate right now as I pitch to you, this short and powerful podcast. No curve balls. Just a fast ball straight over the home plate for you to digest, reap the benefits from and ultimately hit a home run as a net result.

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