Working with athletes and elite sporting teams is a specific area with different principles needed than just working in health and medical clinics. Good long-term friend of mine and current President of Rugby WA is Francis Williams. We tap into his four years of huge success guiding Rugby WA out of a very challenging period.

Francis talks openly and honestly about how he best empowers his team, how we all need to be change agents and the specifics around working with sporting teams and the role in which we all play to best see athletes and sporting teams succeed.

The ability to learn from others, the varying management styles and achieving success with athletes in different support structures can be very tricky to navigate as well as the skillsets and various personalities of the people involved. This fantastic podcast has been split into two, approximate 12-minute episodes.

So, make sure you get the fantastic gold nuggets from a very successful President that’s been able to be a huge change agent himself and enable the rebirth of Rugby Union in Western Australia.  

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