One of the keys to success when you bring on a new team member is ensuring you get the right rhyme and set up from the start. In the health and medical industry, we tend to see 1 of 2 things occur.

Either the business owner is unsure how to onboard a new team member, improve their soft skills and relationship management and certainly aren’t sure how to best improve their retention and rarely is there any strong marketing done for that team member.

All the other end of the spectrum is that they are thrown in the deep end, seeing tonnes of clients, expected to upskill quickly and often financial bonuses are put in place to ensure this occurs quickly. The challenge is, neither of these approaches are the best way forward. We must get the whelm and flow right.

Health business owner Jesse Ferguson, he’s bringing on another team member. We cover off in this discussion the direct pathway and onboarding system that will help him to improve his new team members soft skills and ensure the best avenue of relationship management is put in place.

There’s also the strong focus needed in the retention of clients as well as the pathway structure that needs to be developed and the strong and effective initial marketing that’s required for a new team member.

A powerful discussion with some key steps that you always need to keep in mind when onboarding and marketing a new team member in your business.  

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