Increasing conversion of sales, getting more client appointments locked in and decreasing cancellations is a practitioners golden triangle of aims, if they are wanting to get better patient outcomes and keep their diary full.

But right there is the ever continuing struggle practitioners face…or at least, the struggle that they perceive to be the hardest, to complete as a therapist. So what’s the secret?

What’s the key? Good news!

The solution is super simple and I teach this as a simple four step process to all our clients and colleagues. And best of all, it’s super quick and easy for you too. Learn it. Use it. And ultimately reap the benefits in your own health and medical business. So grab the four steps right now in this podcast and implement quickly for yourself and your team.

Everyone can easily adapt this into their treatment and appointments and ensure better client outcomes each and every time. As we all know… If you get better client outcomes and increase self accountability from your clients… you’ll significantly decrease your cancellations.

You’ll also improve more lives, streamline your diary and ultimately have an easier and more focused diary full of clients all the time.

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