My first ever workplace was very clear about this topic and the way in which people were managed. Quite clearly you couldn’t manage and get the best performance out of people, if you had a strong personal relationship with them. It’s a very interesting way of looking at things and it’s a mentality that has changed significantly over the last 10-years.

After chatting with one of my clients in New York only a few hours ago, its really got me thinking about how we best manage, and in most circumstances, modify our personal and professional relationships within our team and how this has a major bearing on the growth and success of the team and business as a whole.

It’s also a topic that all of us should be able to work on and improve and have a much more beneficial outcome for everyone involved. So, let’s dive in now and make sure that we have a solid understanding of how we really should be managing our personal and professional relationships in the workplace in today’s society.

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