There are always the sometimes-challenging situations around discussing pay and salary with potential new team members as well as professional development and the role they may well be stepping into with your team. It can also be unsettling if its your first or second ever hire.

But what if you’re the business owner that’s also about to go away on a 3-month trip around the country as your bringing on your first team member. Not only are there a lot of pressures and heightened anxiety and emotions, but there’s also some fundamental points that need to be addressed and completed in addition to just a normal new person hire process.

This podcast is a short version of a discussion I had with a health business owner, who is about to go on 3 months leave as they hire their new and first team member. Follow the steps. Stick to the process.

And trust the implementation. When you get the right person and follow the right system, nothing but success lies ahead as you’ll see in this episode right now.  

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