Why is it that we always hear our colleagues complaining about not having “time” to do so many aspects of our workload? It’s such a great question to ponder, but unfortunately, it’s one that is all too common in the health industry.

If you ever catch yourself saying that, or hearing anyone else saying that. Then simply put…you need more Leverage in your life. Now don’t let the word Leverage scare you, like it does for some practitioners. If you’re wanting to spend more time just seeing clients, then that’s totally fine. But knowing what the areas of Leverage are that you need in your health business right now, is crucial if you want to succeed and thrive in the health industry.

There’s only 3 areas of Leverage in any business and in this episode we are going to explore them and show you exactly how you can better leverage so many of your tasks and streamline your role to ensure you’re always in your genius mode and not getting bogged down in tasks and avenues, that you shouldn’t be completely yourself.

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