We always hear about cash, finances, money, bonus incentives and much more when we talk about our team in the health and medical industry.

But what if I told you it was never actually about the money. Because in reality its not. It never is. There’s always underlining reasons and avenues why money is thought to be a problem or challenge or in some situations the solution to the problem.

But it’s not. It’s just that we’ve always been entrenched into talking about it and it’s the lowest hanging fruit for us to be able to feel like we can justify, or pin further discussions based on these topics when in actual fact it’s really the real problem. It’s no different to a practitioner addressing a client’s “pain” and not finding the real reason and underlining emotional hook before treatment commences.

Knowing the reasons why and identifying them is crucial if you really wanting to be able to create more time, money, freedom and impact.

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