Many Allied Health Professionals have family members involved within their business and in many cases, it’s the main reasons why their business is faultering or in difficult waters.

The 7 Fundamentals of A Highly Successful Allied Health Clinic:

In this episode, I’m speaking with one of my international video teams and clients, but most of all, my good friends, the Okazaki family.

They have four of their direct family members as part of their team on a daily basis. Sitting right across the table from one another.

Working with clients. Meetings. Travel.

Creative and innovative workloads and they haven’t tried to kill each other yet… 😉

Seriously they are an amazing team that has gone through some HUGE challenges over the years.

They’ve had to grow and develop with each other and create a balance and harmony between work and family life.

When they are working and when they aren’t.

Create boundries and a work environment that enables a brilliant array of work to be done for their international clients, but also preserving and cherishing the beautiful family connection they have.

Get into the gold nuggets that you too can learn from, that has seen the Okazaki family achieve such great success personally and professionally in the past years.

It’s a candid, relaxed VLOG completed on the spur of the moment while I was working with them in Tokyo.

Enjoy and reap the benefits.

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