As a business owner, one of the biggest challenges is often bringing on new team members. And when it’s the first time or second time, it’s usually the most nervous time and many questions will float around in the business owner’s head.

Should I bring the person on as a contractor or as an employee? How many hours should I bring them on? Part time or full time?

What are my obligations legally for them?

How do I hire and best onboard them into the team?

And the biggest one is, what should I pay them?

When should I have this discussion?

And all of the other intricacies around payments, offers, salaries and more.

We all go through this. And it’s not always the easiest of discussions.

This podcast is a 1 on 1 discussion I had with a client and upcoming business owner in the health business sector looking to hire his first team member. We address all of these questions above and much more, giving an amazing insight into exactly how and what you need to do and say and how it’s best managed to be able to hire your first rockstar team member.  


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