We all love the feeling of people “liking” our posts and feeling like people are really engaging in our social media profiles…

The 7 Fundamentals of A Highly Successful Allied Health Clinic:

But realistically, most people don’t really care what you post and in some instances, just feel obligated to scroll and double tap the post on Instagram so you won’t get offended.

But what if what you posted, ACTUALLY drew a crowd? It actually created a following? It actually made people believe in what you had to say and wanted to be apart of that community…that movement…

Well for todays guest in the podcast. he did exactly that.

Captain Benz has created a following of well over 200k people in less than 12months, without any technical expertise or marketing skills.

He’s driven a near cult-like following based on some amazing attributes and secret tips that he shared with me in this fantastic podcast.

If you want to learn how to drive more community engagement with your health business and create more authority in your social media channels, then listen/watch this podcast right now as I delve into what has enabled Sitis, aka, Captain Benz, strongly influence the lives of more than 200k people in the past 12months and how you too can do the same with your health business.

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